Train yourself to become superstar in the hospitality industry

I came to Glasgow in August 2016. I had got a scholarship but had no clue what I was going to work with. I knew I was going to work with tourism/hospitality at the Glasgow-based company Light on the Path, but had no idea which project. The manager of the office told me that I was going to work with an internationally hospitality program. I had one month to prepare everything before the hospitality students from four different countries in Europe arrived. The students who came the month after I had arrived, were shy and did not say so much. They had the first two weeks English school in the mornings and I had prepared activities for them in the afternoons. When two weeks had went through, I could give them full days with interesting program, which included visits at four and five star hotels, whisky – and Scottish food training programs. My heart is still warmly and near to tears to realize how these people have grown, from to be shy to become open-minded hospitality students. Have a look at the video and judge by yourself. To go abroad to develop yourself within the tourism – and hospitality industry make a big difference – for your career and for your personally development.

If you just have started to work within the hospitality industry – there are plenty of opportunities for you who are waiting for you, so you can grow in your career and develop your personally development.

If you are interested in this program I have worked with and are living in an European country, go to this website and sign up to be part of the journey – next hospitality program is in September 2017. Here is the video where you can get more information about the program.

I would like you to watch the TED Talks. There are 5 TED talks all people who are working or are interested in hospitality must watch. You find it here. 

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My new website:

Picture from my period with the international hospitality program:


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