Dear readers within the hospitality industry

Dear readers,

I will in February 2017 finish my 6 months internship at Light on the Path in Glasgow, where I am working with hospitality marketing. I am honored today to be part of the journey with the new five months hospitality program CHASE where Light on the Path is cooperation with HIT Scotland and Marriott Glasgow. I got the task from manager to develop a full cultural program for the hospitality interns in September/October. The feedback from the interns showed it was a successful month. I am today working with marketing to send Scottish hospitality workers, trainees and students to four countries in Europe.

My background is tourism developer/marketer from Linköping University. I wanted to understand the economic effects in the hospitality industry and how to work with  prices from a Revenue Management perspective. Because of this I applied to the new Revenue Management program in November 2014. I graduated in Revenue Management in March 2016 where I got knowledge about Revenue Management in areas like hotels, restaurants and tourism development.

I have broad knowledge of the Swedish hospitality market, which is useful on the Scottish hospitality market. I have through my internship at Light on the Path got knowledge of the Scottish hospitality market. I wrote two theses at Linköping´s University about tourism development, one is today used as a model for hospitality students at the program, who are going to write their theses. It is about how to develop a ski-resort in northern Sweden.

The other was about sustainable tourism, which later was used in a pilot study by the Stockholm Visitors Board with the aim to develop destinations in the Stockholm archipelago, which has 30 000 islands. I graduated from my Revenue Management program in March 2016 where my thesis was how to use Revenue Management within tourism development.

I am now looking forward for new hospitality adventures at a new company/ organisations in Glasgow/Scotland. I am delighted if you want to share this to someone who needs hire new staff in Scotland. I want with my hospitality background take part and develop Scotland to one of the best destinations in the world.

Your sincerely,

Ylva Hedman


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