Busy weeks with exciting content

The last weeks have been so busy so I can now finally write blogs. I had four weeks of culture program which have been successful. Before I came to Glasgow, I had never visit the city or Scotland. When I arrived to Glasgow, my manager said “you are going to make a program for hospitality industry interns from four different countries, (Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Netherlands),” where my first thought was how I am going to do this so they get a really memorable experience? I am really happy when I am reading their blogs about their first month in Glasgow, that they have got knowledge about the Scottish culture. I am really happy and honored to be part of this program. We are developing rising stars within the hospitality industry in Europe and now we have started with the next project to help the hospitality industry in Europe to grow.

While we were working with the hospitality program at work, we also planned for a crayfish party at the Scandinavian Café FIKA in West End. At this time it was crayfish season in Sweden so why not have a crayfish party in Glasgow? My manager and I had no idea how many who wanted to come and celebrate this with us. It came 28 persons from different countries in Europe who sung, ate crayfish and enjoyed this evening. People are still talking about this evening 🙂

Two weekends ago, I went to the beautiful Isle of Skye. We were five persons who stayed at hostels, first Fort Williams and then we went to Skye. On our way to the island, we saw the Harry Potter Bridge and on the island we met an American who stayed at the same hostel as we did, we had later in the evening a dinner together at a really nice restaurant in Portree, on Skye. We have been hiking on the island and went around with the car to see the beautiful island, we left the island when it was sunset. It was gorgeous!

I am now looking forward to discover next week when my parents are coming to Scotland, and show them the Highlands and Glasgow! 🙂

Talk to you soon!



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