When the week finally is here as we all have been waiting on.. :)


The last weeks have been busy so I am really sorry that I had not any time to write a blog post but now I am going to tell you why! So existed to tell you this! There are 5 people from 4 different countries (Latvia, Netherlands, Sweden and Finland) who now have also come to Glasgow. These persons are going to working at Marriott hotel in Glasgow and one of the new interns is going to work at a Guide Michelin restaurant in Scotland. I have got the honor and opportunity to make a cultural package for them, for 4 weeks. My creativity has really been thriving thanks to mine wonderful managers at the office. So follow me on the journey during these four weeks 🙂

I have also the last weeks been looking for a flat and I am moving to a flat in Glasgow on Monday with my new friend and her dog. I have stayed one month with a lovely couple who opened up their home for me. I call them now my extra parents in Glasgow 🙂

Glasgow is an awesome place to stay in and visit, the city has everything. This weekend I went to House For An Art Lover, my new favourite place for a afternoon tea and it has a lovely park!

I have now been here in one month and I needed of course check out IKEA in Glasgow but it took my friend (and manager) 3 hours to go to IKEA. We learned that we are never going to walk again and pass the House For An Art Lover when Rangers is playing.. BUT we reached our destination and we got some Swedish food..meatballs 😛

One weekend I and my hostmother went to the south of Scotland and stayed in my hostparent´s cottage, a lovely cottage in Drummore. We went the day after to the Light House and I met “Ferdinand” who didn´t wanted to leave the road. We had to wait in the car until we could continue our journey to the Light House.

It is so much to see in Scotland and I am looking forward to continue to discover Scotland and show other Scotland through cultural packages.

Keep in touch!



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