Now I’m running


I have started to plan next tourism adventures for other interns who are soon coming to Glasgow. I have many ideas so we are going to see where this will end. I am for the moment doing a marketing course in social media at work, I look forward to compare my new knowledge with what I learned in Sweden. Looking forward to see the results 🙂

Yesterday (Saturday) I travelled to Loch Ness with a coach company. We stopped at different places during the journey but it was a great experience to sit on a bus where they are playing Scottish music and the bus driver was a really good storyteller, she described the Scottish history and about other interesting things we saw during our tour. She really impressed me!

I have read a lot about Loch Ness, like other millions of tourists, and it was a great experience but fortunately I could find the sea monster Nessie. The area by Loch Ness was lovely and we did a boat trip on the lake. It was a special feeling and before that I was in the lake, it was very cold but worth it 🙂

The bus trip was for 12 hours and it was lovely when we where going off the coach, there were two people front of us, a mother (around 70) and a daughter (around 50), we laughed a lot together during the trip. When we went off the coach, they hug me and my friends and smiled and said they were happy with the 12 hours trip with us. Lovely trip! 🙂

Tired and full of memories my host mother made a lovely dinner with dessert. What a lovely end of the day! 🙂

See you soon!







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